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Dear Customer:
     Welcome to our shop, whether you have any questions you can contact our workers.But because the time difference, our workers may not respond promptly, for the inconvenience to you, we are very unfortunately.
    If you consult the time we are not online, please pay attention to your personal information, thank you for your understanding.
    If you like our store, you can add favorites, we will always have new products, discounts and price cuts held.
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About Hong Kong Pulus Technology CO., LTD (NTNT):


Hong Kong Pulus Technology CO., LTD (NTNT) in 2012,Was located in HongKong, In 2012,Our company joined the market of vacuum cleaner, Now the main business of our company is wholesale vacuum cleaner,vacuum cleaner accessories sweep the floor and sweep the floor machine accessories,purifier filter,kitchen Appliances accessories.Company has implemented the modern erterprise management, successfully imported TPS production management system, form a set of product design and development,  marketing for the integrated operation of production line, it is a set independent development and sales for the integration of B2B,B2C Ecommerce service enterprise now,our company uphold the adequate inventory and to maximize customer satisfaction as the principle, strive to increase production capacity to supply market damand constantly. today the company has become a businessman's most trusted netword and entity such as a variety of channels of enterprises, large shopping malls and many foreign and domestic companies to establish a strategic cooperative relations.